4 Mech Bde on Exercise in Jordan

4 Mech Bde on Exercise in Jordan
Image by Defence Images
A soldier fires a .50 calibre machine gun mounted on a Jackal 2 all terrain vehicle, during a desert exercise in Jordan.

Soldiers from 4 Mechanized Brigade’s Brigade Reconnaissance Force (4 Bde BRF) took part in Exercise Jordan Express. The exercise in the south of Jordan was based in the desert and was intended to prepare the BRF in readiness for a future deployment to Afghanistan.

Over 120 troops took part in the exercise which lasted approximately 4 weeks and involved various Mission Specific Training (MST) in readiness for their deployment in 2010. The arduous and demanding exercise involved several range packages, mines awareness training, physical training, reconnaissance training and signals training, as well as more conventional infantry training.

4 Bde are based in Catterick, North Yorkshire, and are due to replace 11 Bde in March/April 2010 for Herrick 12. This will be 4 Bde’s first tour of Afghanistan, they will be lead by Brigade Commander Brigadier Richard Felton.

Photographer: Sgt Mike Fletcher, RLC

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