[236/365] Goldeneye

[236/365] Goldeneye
Image by pasukaru76
The pharaoh inspects the death mask prepared for him.

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14 Responses to [236/365] Goldeneye

  1. r a p h y says:

    Nice, I like how the Pharaoh seems to be looking down on the mask. Also, themses are some fat servants. 😀

  2. .Tromas says:

    Cool idea.

  3. Nomadic Lass says:

    Nice one, Pascal!

  4. Lego Guy1 says:


  5. lsgc says:

    A good likeness.

  6. JETfri says:

    very nice vig

  7. NIRDIAN says:

    Nice idea for a vig. 🙂
    Strange to think how the ancient Egyptian Pharaos spent the larger part of their lives preparing for death.

  8. redrickshaw says:

    Doesnt look too happy! Nice set up.

  9. ABStract/ says:

    Literally staring into the face of death! =)

  10. Marin Stipkovic says:

    Too bad you didn’t use different cobra-hats.

  11. pasukaru76 says:

    Thanks all!

    [http://www.flickr.com/photos/marinstipkovic] Actually, what I would have preferred is an all gold head for the death mask…

  12. Marin Stipkovic says:

    [http://www.flickr.com/photos/pasukaru76] Yeah, or at least a dark tan one (since it’s got a dark tan and a golden face it makes no sense for the head to be gray).

  13. Operator99 says:

    Tut. Tut.

  14. El Barto! says:

    I like that gold metallic effect you’ve created. Nice scene!

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