Secret Ways to be Fit, Ripped and Healthy

Heart disease is fast becoming the biggest cause of death across the United States second only to Cancer and strokes. This fact is one of the main reasons that more and more people are looking to start a healthy living plan. Many people associate healthy living as only being able to eat vegetables and not eating foods that they enjoy. This really is not the case at all, while its true in order to start a healthy living plan many bad foods that are high in fat such be eliminated from the diet initially but this does not mean that they cannot be enjoyed as a treat whilst eating healthier.

There are hundreds of websites and books out there that promise to show you the top health secrets or fitness tricks and tips to healthy living but in truth healthy living can be achieved by anyone by following a few health tips and some common sense.

Eating the right foods

The most important element to any healthy living plan is diet, this is the hardest part for many people when starting on the path to healthy living as they find it hard to cut back on all the sweet, high in fat and salty foods that taste so good but are also bad for us. For those determined to decrease their chance of developing heart disease by embracing a healthy living plan then cutting back on foods that are high in fat, salt and sugar is the first step. Foods that are high in fibre such as vegetables should be included in your healthy living plan, you do not have to give up all of your favourite foods altogether but finding a balance with your everyday meals is a great start to improving your overall health.


Regular exercise is vital to any healthy living plan, this another aspect that many people find hard to stick with although regular exercise does not mean you have to hit the gym at the crack of dawn every day. Just doing 30 minutes light exercise such as walking, cycling or swimming daily can be beneficial in reducing the risk of heart disease as well as keeping you in good shape. If you can put more time into your exercise regime and go to the gym then by all means but for most people looking to start a health living plan light exercise daily such as walking is sufficient.

Stick with it

In order to get the full benefits from your healthy living plan you need to be consistent, so this means being committed to eating the right foods on a daily basis not just every now and again. The same goes for exercise if you are doing 30 minutes daily exercise then stick at religiously because as soon as you start to stray from your healthy living plan you will fall back into your old habits and will not see the benefit.

These simple health and fitness tips can be performed by absolutely anyone that is looking to reduce their risk of heart disease through healthy living.